Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Decided to do some window shopping at Ikea today. By the time we macam-macam, it's already 2 p.m. when we get there. So it's our after-lunch brunch at Ikea's restaurant. I've read so much about Malaysia's meatballs, but have never tasted one. So this is it!

See the advertising billboard (left). Sucks! It's beyond breakfast time. They can sell as cheaply as those I cook at home. If I lived nearby, this definitely will be breakfast for me everyday. How do they do it at a miserably $2.50?

Quite a lot of things are sold out, as can be seen by the empty chafing dishes, and the removed placads (of advertised items) at the serving counter. We order the largest one with 20 meatballs, and it comes with fries. They are not bad, but 20 with fries to break the monotony can be a bit too, how do you say, Burp!

The marinated salmon has sold out, so I opt for the salmon with cous-cous. I never like cooked salmon for its strong flavor and flaky texture, but what to do! If I don't try this, I'll never know what I'm missing; that's part and parcel of the eating experience; it's no use eating your kampua or kolo everyday and proclaiming: The world is my oyster!

On the way back while waiting for the tram, I noticed this iconic sign that was mentioned in the news a couple of days ago. Affectionately known as the skipping girl, Audrey, has been restored to its former glory, and has just been put up. And its re-light-up happened the next day.

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