Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This Japanese joint was packed with the office lunch crowd by the time we got there. Finding a table was a bit of a chore, especially if you're eating alone, 'cos it's an order-first at the counter, then find a seat procedure. Some ready-made stuff like sushi can be collected on the spot, while other cooked stuff will be delivered to the table as per assigned number.

We had the usual stuff of sushi rolls and sashimi. An interesting feature of the ready-made sushi here is that it doesn't come wrapped in the sheet of seaweed; the seaweed is enveloped in a separate plastic wrapper, which you have to peel and with which you have to wrap the rice roll yourself. This ensures the seaweed is fresh and crunchy. Neat idea!

The salad, sushi and sashimi are all prepared and displayed on the glass counters, which can be ordered and take away on the spot. Whereas as one takes a number for the cooked stuff to be delivered to the table.

I had the soy-based Char Sui Ramen of the 2 soup base available; the other type they have is the miso. The food is not bad for an eat-and-run outfit. What more can you ask?

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