Saturday, June 13, 2009


Someone was in the mood for Curry Laksa; so here we were at this restaurant just next door to the Japanese joint, where we ate a few days earlier. I wasn't so hard up on Malaysian food, having just arrived here hardly more than a week; but I'm game for what this place has to offer.

In the age of globalization, the waitress was a Chinese National. I know, someone will immediately dismissed this as non-authentic Malaysian. But judging from the lunch crowd, you get a inkling for whom they are catering for.

Curry Laksa

But still its Curry Laksa delivers the piquant taste of what the dish should taste; some detractors may differ in their opinion of what a Laksa is. A very generous serving of the dish with ample soup and heaps of ingredients to boot.

The Koay-Teow Soup Kosong...

My order of Spare Ribs Rice Noodle isn't what I expect. Flour-coated fried ribs on top of the noodle is what I had in mind. Instead it is 2 separate dishes, so the sauce coated ribs obviously can't be on top of the soup, as it will color the whole soup red - more geared towards the Ang Mohs' palate. But still the tomato and Lea & Perrins sauce combo of a sauce isn't bad. And the ribs are crisply done.

... With Sweet & Sour Sauce Glazed Fried Spare Ribs


albusperi said...

The curry 6 3 looks very yummy. :P~~

Kong-Kay said...

h20+curry = 6 3
i think i still have the recipe somewhere from the sydney's s'pore lady who gives weekend classes.


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