Friday, June 26, 2009


We were at the neighborhood, browsing books at a cookbook specialty shop after our lunch at Café Vue. I noticed cannoli on the cover of one of the books. This piqued my interest of having it, despite of just having lunch barely an hour ago.

A few spins around the blocks we were here... a buzzing cafe with an interesting mix of crowd. A rustic feel to the place with its cluster of trinkets here and there, plus its bountiful of pastries spread. It has a charm of the country cottage.

However, our search for the cannoli was futile. Since were in the shop already, we settled for a cuppa despite the crowd.

I spotted meat pies on the menu board, so ordered my first meat pie; it's not a true meat pie in a sense - a Makhani Chicken Pie! It was good of its pastry, nonetheless. Still served with the obligatory tomato ketchup, on the side though; I had none of which - why spoil the taste of the original when it's so rich in flavor of its own? The custard croissant, and lemon curd tart held their own.

Do you notice, the plates and saucers aren't in tune with each other; and the croissant with a fork stabbed in the middle when brought to the table? Figuratively, this place share the same vibes as our kopitiam. It was way past 3, and there were still people lepaking, and this is long way from the tourist or business centre.


albusperi said...

The custard croissant looks good eh? I have a soft spot for anything custardy. I know you're not really into cakes and pastries, but perhaps you'd like to have a look at this :

Kong-Kay said...

i do like the occasional custard puff and chocolate coated-cream filled donuts.


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