Friday, July 03, 2009


Grilled Eel Japanese Style Claypot Rice

I know, the title sound redundant... what can I say? They don't call it claypot king for nothing; they serve truckloads of this stuff, and then some more of others that don't come in claypots; from the usual sundry of Chinese meats to the off-the-Chinese-menu offerings. Apart from rice, there are a handful of porridge as well.

As usual I ordered one of those out-of-this-world claypot deal, while the other was a plain old fried beef. Mine was a ... tum-tum-Ttttuuuummmmm... grilled Japanese-style eel!!! This is as adventurous as you can get in a Chinese joint of this nature. As with the eating the claypot rice, whatever ingredients they put on top of the rice seems like an after thought, because they are not cooked with the rice; as in the case of lap-cheong or lap-ark where the juices of the cured meat drip onto and consumate the rice.

The claypots have obviously been around some flaming fire for quite sometime, as the rice around all the inner parameter of the pot are parched burnt. At home if the rice is cooked like that, hell would have frozen over; but here people pay for the privilege of eating such chow-tar-p'ng; it's an acquired taste. The ladies at the next table were happily scrapping at the pot to eat out the layer of the burnt plinth-like rice.

Stir-Fried Beef Claypot Rice

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