Friday, August 28, 2009


Penang Shrimp Noodle

For those who are quick to sharpen their knives and take a stab at me for not reviewing their favorite haunt (or not), here it is - all in technicolor too! This is the coffee shop next to the one I reviewed previously. It occupies 2 shops, and is one of the best laid out eateries I have yet seen; No congestion of table arrangement, and the inside is well ventilated with ample seating, with a fung-shui water feature smacked in the middle.

The first stall one encounters upon entering from the corner features Penang food, ranging from Penang Laksa to Yam Rice. Certain individuals would like to stress that this is an authentic Penang stall, and whether the Penangnites can cook or not is another matter. Nitty-gritty aside, the Shrimp noodle we ordered certainly looks nice and colorful. But a glance at the shrimps one gets a hint of what's to come: they are not your usual sea variety, they are like those dark shelled ones, which have coarser texture, and also the stock made from its shells emits a strong crustacean tang of not the favourable kind. Furthermore, the stock is a bit thin to prop up its failing.

Penang Char Kueh-Teow

Its Char Kueh-Teow comes with shrimps only, and not the cockles, which is fine by me 'cos I do avoid them if I can help it. Great tasting, and this is one dish I can vouch for its authenticity as truly Penangnite in nature: minuscule in its portion. Incidentally, its stall at Sing Garden is no longer there.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle

The Taiwanese stall offers a mishmash of goodies, but on this day I tend to stick to tried and tested: Beef noodle soup and the tiny pan-fried pork mix wrap of Gozoya. What's there not to like of those chunky beef and its glorious soup?

Wok-Tie (Pot Stickers)

The tiny pop-in-mouth Wok-Tie has the same effect as the Dim-Sum below... they are finger food for the bottomless stomach - they never seem to fill you up until you've had enough.

Fish Paste Sio-Bee & Har-Gow (If You Can Find The Shrimp)


sibu food diva said...

yep, can't find shrimps in harkow. one bite and mouthful of some sort of slime instead of shrimps. love the laksa though.

Kong-Kay said...

met pauline there that time.

Anonymous said...

There's an additional shop next to it now called " siao ba wang " ! Dim Sum shop ! Not bad but it is not their man shop . Try their main shop in Chinatown , close to the chinese gate ! Good buns , isn't it strange that they sell buns in a dim sum shop ? But no kiddin' ! Their buns are best ! ( P.s cause they are just so cheesy ! I'm a cheese-a-holic ) ! The Oregano Turkey bun is a must and there's one which is shaped like a flower , just try everything that involves ham and cheese ! Goodie !

Kong-Kay said...

i think this is the same dim-sum at ang cheng ho (cantonese association) once upon a time... worst i ever had; that's why i never kow-kwang the one at chinatown.


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