Monday, August 17, 2009


I intended to go to C121, but after giving it a quick browse over, it seemed like a rehash of the food at Food Avenue; thus I "pass" and moved on to this one next door, which is an 'ordinary' coffee shop compared to the spiffed up coffee shop next door. But judging from the size of the crowd, it has its fair share of customers too. Mind you these 2 cafes are located way off the main road, and at the back lanes which no one would give a second glance.

Apart from the usual Laska and Kolo Mee, the stall with a gimmicky named noodle caught my eyes, and also the Char Kueh
at the back of the shop was another incentive.

The slight hue of green noodle below is the Pandan Noodle. It's made with extract from Pandan leaves. It has a slight hint of the Pandan aroma. Everything else tastes like a normal Kolo Mee.

Pandan Noodle

Below is the Gong Bao Noodle from the same stall. It comes in dark colored noodle like the dark soy Kampua. But a bite into it reveals its true color... it's a black vinegar concoction, but not overtly sour like the one I had at Meng Café. The only missing is an accompanying bowl of soup, so we ordered a bowl of mixed balls (fish, shrimp & pork) soup [above] from the next stall that specializes in assorted balls soup.

Pandan Noodle

Char Kueh

The Char Kueh (Fried Radish Cake) wasn't that bad... at least it came in chunky form.


sibu food diva said...

welcome back to kch :)

Kong-Kay said...

i saw the sopranos over the weekend. asked tony & carmela soprano about the diva. drew a blank!

sibu food diva said...

ho ho ho :) the sopranos do not talk much bout the diva


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