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This is another twist with the curry recipe. Like most ethnic cooking, it's a rework on the basic ingredients with minor tweaks here and there. The basic curry paste is there. The rempah is the spice of life to this dish; it's a mixture of spices for seafood. One can have the Indian spice guy concoct the mix, or have one bought from the supermarket in powder form.

Most of the ingredients used have been mentioned before. So follow the links to get the most from this recipe.

6 Medium Shrimps
Red Curry Paste
Seafood Rumpah
2 Medium Onions Wedges
Coconut Milk


Prepare the curry paste: Cut all the paste ingredients into small pieces before blending them.

The finished paste with extra ground dried chilli (left) for heat and color.
Fry the paste with 3 tbsp. bof cooking oil until fragrant and brillant amber color.

All in about 1 - 2 tbsp. of rempah powder into the mix. If you unsure on the quality of the rempah, add a bit first as some of them are strong flavoured.

If the paste seems a bit dry, pour a few spoonful of 1st. pressed coconut milk into it to moisten.

Next the cut onions goes in. Coat well with the paste. Sweat them for a while.

Then pour in the 2nd. pressed coconut milk. Let it simmer a while.

Add in the shrimps, submerge and coat with the curry sauce.

Add water if the sauce is on the thick side. Season with salt and sugar. Finally pour in the rest of the 1st pressed coconut milk.

When the sauce come to a final boil, make farther adjustment to its taste. Ready to serve.


sibu food diva said...

nice work, uncle!

Kong-Kay said...

... rather grand aunty.

Anonymous said...

could you tell where to get the prawns from? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

could you tell where to get the prawns from? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

could you tell where to get the prawns from? Thanks.

Kong-Kay said...

anony: i don't know where you're coming from... in general i would say the market like satok (evening), pending or go to lundu. or go fish!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I will look for it next time I go back. Cheers!


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