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While over dinner the other night, Julian mentions about this Japanese restaurant just up our alley. And we're so there the next day for lunch... a bit too early as they only open at noon.

As we only have 45 minutes to spare, we settle for the bento lunch. They all basically have the same setup (salad, rice, sashimi and miso soup) except for its main items - fried Waygu slices (above) &
Waygu patty (below). For a place that prides itself on the Waygu it serves, the beef doesn't come out as silky soft; it's no better than the $6.50 beef from Hanaichi or the equally priced one from Kimurakan, and its patty is much the same as those from McD and nothing compared to Café Vue's. Before I can say...

... doc calls up and say we'll be having dinner at Takumi. So what can I say? Nuthin'! And here we are again in the evening, having something different, hopefully, on doc's order.

Soba Salad

The first to arrive is the cold Soba with sesame dressing, which is followed by salmon appetizer on vinaigrette. That's something different from the usual shashimi.

Salmon Carpaccio

Next up is the the cold tofu - sliky soft and refreshingly good. And the chicken ball skewers round up the appetizers.

Taufu Salad

Tsulume - Chicken Ball

Jo Karubi, Jo Tan, Harami & Seafood Platter

This place specializes on its tabletop D.I.Y. BBQ. It's a new smokeless grill contraption, whereby the smoke is sucked from beneath the grill, and it's all charcoal.

The meats (in different grades) and the seafood are ala carte. The 3 dipping sauces (left) provide the flavors of your own choosing.

We are like a bunch of refugees who quickly grill and devour all the food in record time, while the other more genteel Japanese take a hour or so to enjoy their grilled stuff - like Gershwin's "
Rhapsody In Blue" as opposed to "Summertime".

Gyuusuzi Nikomi - Beef Stew

This bowl of stew is accidentally brought to our table at the onset of our dinner. We eventually order it after finishing the grill (realizing we're still hungry). This one is more like it, Wagyu, that is! Unlike the one we had for lunch.

Yuke - Raw Waygu Beef

This is the first time I have raw beef - same apprehension as the first time I had shashimi. But this is different; it's served chilled. The raw egg yolk makes it creamy, and it tastes like ice cream, only better. Melts in your mouth, with no beefy aftertaste!

Umechazuke (Plum) & Sakechazuke (Salmon)

This last two bowl can be best described as Teochew Muay (porridge) Japanese style. It's basically rice on broth with different toppings; one with plum, and the other with salmon. Its broth is really something, although I don't care much for the plum or salmon.

The whole dining experience here is as different as night and day. I'll take the nights anytime.


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda tired of the food posts on Mel. Really miss posts on Kuching foodie stuff.

I know, I know...all in good time. But can you pls inject in a post or two in between melbourne's to satisfy local cravings?



Kong-Kay said...

how many kolo mee, kueh chap or laksa can you tahan?
at least walter is appreciating it... he cooked us some italian inspired dishes last night off the cuff!


As the name implies, it's all about nothing! Kongkaying is like grasping in the air - more like hot air with occasional fartulence. Hopefully, something aromatic will come out of it! If not...

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