Monday, August 24, 2009


Alaska Maki

For sheer visual culinary delights, a visit to a Japanese restaurant always rises to the occasion. Never mind that most of the food that comes out of the kitchen sounds like sushi, shashimi or wasabi; the presentation bows you over before the food attacks the other senses.

Izakaya Set A

It's been ages since I've stepped into this restaurant, although smacks of its food have been consumed through its auxiliary outlets like its flagship Lok Tien or its Thai restaurant. So after a long absence, this visit proves to be quite a respite - just like taking a sip of tea to wash the palate, and then a bite of pickled ginger to awake those dormant senses.

Niku Tataki

While treading on familiar ground with the bento, raw fish and rice wrap, the above item and the one below is a refreshing change; its rare meat and the duo of a seafood combo is a bit of deviation from the norm.

Nutae Moriawase

Matsuri Sushi On A Boat

For those who'd rather stick to Sushi King in case of making a boo-boo when ordering, rest assured that there are pictorials to guide you through; it's as simple as A-B-C. And its prices are not that prohibitive.


tohar said...

mmmm, yummy
i imagine that a plate of your dish is infront of my face....

Kong-Kay said...

jakarta has a lot of good choices as well.
am going to start experimenting on baking soon.

babe_kl said...

Darn now I can't get the Japanese food images off my mind now!

Ooo someone's gonna start baking :D

Kong-Kay said...

yup, my sister gave me her old kenwood, but she misplaced the whipping attachments. anyone got some spares laying around?

I'll get to you in a few days... actually haven't written a thing since i finished the melbourne odyssey. the stuff you reading are old stuff... six months or even longer. better get rid of them before expiry date.


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