Wednesday, August 05, 2009


We have been here the day before, but the sight of a girl sitting on a milk crate slicing away her waffle at the alley beside the shop discourages us from trying out the place. Plus the fact that its tiny bar counter, about 9" width, can accommodate only six persons, and it's a tight squeeze. Undeterred, we're back the next afternoon. We manage to tuck into one small corner of the "L" shaped counter top. No sooner than we settle in, a crowd begins to be teeming outside.

This tiny place sells Belgian Waffles, with a push-cart on the outside that churns out the waffles; while its toppings/fillings are done behind the counter in the shop. This is evidently a tourist spot with all the different currency notes that are pinned onto its wall (bottom left pic.).

Only six varieties of waffles are offered here, as can be seen from the photos plastered on the cart. Basically they are the same waffle base with different toppings. We have the Mikado (top), which is traditional Belgian waffles topped with ice cream and served with hot chocolate, and the Royale; same stuff plus fresh strawberries. As for drinks there are the soy latte and the Vienna; its a choice of either a shot of coffee or chocolate with heavy cream on top.

The proprietor speaks with a heavy French(?) accent; he collects the money and dishes out the plates and cutlery. It's best you stand by the counter to collect your stuff, or else he'll be asking you repeatedly at the top of his voice: "Do you want the fockin' knife?" , which will make you go:" HUH?!!!" Translation: "Do you want the folk and knife?" If you're game at playing tourist, this might be your cup of tea.

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