Wednesday, September 30, 2009


If my mum's directional guide to eateries were to be taken in full totality, I think we'd have ended up in Timbuktu, or anywhere in that vicinity. The way she describes it: "Step out of its main exit, you'll see Kenyalang Market. Use the other one, you'll see the Springs." Where Got?!!!

Luckily there's enough clue there to figure out that it's the third shop next to the Kenyalang car park that has a slight incline at its entrance (not the Shell gas station). As coffee shop goes, this one has a few things going for it: the obligatory noodle stall, hot claypot items, fried noodles and such, "Golden Churn" butter/kaya toast, and this meatball combo stall.

I always order the special with tanghoon (glass vermicelli). It has the regular pork meatball, minced pork encased within meatball, fish-paste roll and wonton. It's not too heavy, but suffice to see you through the morning. Also from the same stall, there's meatball porridge (below) to be had. You can ask the lady to throw in the works, which I think has century egg in it. They are all nicely done. If you're into those "cheng-cheng" (clear) breakfast, these are the gulpables.


The Wordsmith said...

I used to go there pretty often. They used to have a pretty good zi char section as well. The new people aren't too bad, I think.

Kong-Kay said...

the claypot items are good, kolo mee not bad, although i always have the ones with soup. zi char noodle could have been better if it had more "liaw".

sibu food diva said...

hmm...nevermind ending up in timbuktu. wait till you meet auntie Lucy

Kong-Kay said...

talk of the devil; she was just here a couple of hours ago.


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