Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Roast Pork Belly Koay Teow, The Works

This is the younger sibling of Abell Road's Chong Choon Cafe. Unfortunately, it doesn't feature the famous Laksa stall, although it has Laksa, alright. Somehow, it's not the same... if there's any consolation, rumor has it that there's a lady with huge diamond ring cooking the Laksa. And the Tau-Tao drops by most mornings with #4 and #5 (which is a buy one, get one free) in tow, with Lionel Ritchie's Say You, Say Me lingering in the background: "Tua-Bo, Say-Ee, living together; the way it should be...". Pique your interest already?

The coffee shop offers a variety of choices of your morning favorites: Kolo Mee, Kampua Mee, Laksa, Dim-Sum etc., etc... variety is one thing, and taste is another different creature; to each, its own. Judging by the packed place, it must have something going... whatever it is, I'm stumped!

Wonton Soup

Nasi Lemak

Me-Yeah Gao?

Steamed Chicken's Claws


cooknengr said...

There's a Chix King here right ? The dude chopping chicken is BIL.

Sorry we were a little quiet the other day..just finished a verbal fight over where we should park. I prefer to park at Cineplex and walk the town..she cannot tahan the Kuching heat...

The Fish will be in Kuching for another week.

Kong-Kay said...

there are 2 chix king - one at palm rd. and the other at petanak.

when she gets back, contact me if she wants to have a meet up.

Nate-n-Annie said...

CW recommended the laksa at New Chong Choon, but stall was closed by the time we got there yesterday. We weren't impressed with the kampua mee we had there - Eastmoore was better, IMO.

Kong-Kay said...

laksa after 10, you'll get scraps. the one at the (old) chong choon is the famous one, or similarly at the longhouse hotel (few doors away), the stall is owned by the brother.

Anonymous said...

try the popiah and kompiah (foochow burger)there. i like them!

Kong-Kay said...

anonymous 152: good to hear that!


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