Friday, September 25, 2009


Whenever I'm at this part of the woods, it just for one thing, and one thing only - the Bak-Ee (Meatballs). However, I notice at the backstreet of the main thoroughfare, there's a restaurant. I've heard murmurs of the place, and one fine evening, four of us take a drive here to try out the food, or whatever they had got cooking. But things doesn't exactly pan out. You can say I'm distracted...

... when we reach the backstreet restaurant, it looks kind of deserted, and dimly lit. Anyway, there is this corner coffee shop/restaurant by the small lane leading to this restaurant. It's usually quiet by day, but by night fall it's totally a different animal - brightly lit and hiving with activities; like a bug attracted to the bright light of those bug-killing contraption... Zoink!!! We are so there instead!

Mui Chai Pork Belly

Like I've said before, if you don't speak the local lingo, Hakka, or Mandarin in this neighbourhood, it'll be a trying time when it comes to ordering the food. I let the waitress rattle out their specialities, and stop her when something sounds vaguely familiar, or I think what it is. These are a few of them.

Home-made Deep Fried Tofu

Oatmeal Shrimps

Balacan Midin

They aren't any different from the food one can get in town, except it may be a bit cheaper, and some of the potions bigger, like the veg. above, which is about 2½ times the size. one normally gets. For the price of RM64 (4 drinks and 5 bowls of rice), one can't complain much for a good meal out in the country.


suituapui said...

Doesn't turn me on. The midin looks like a few days old... LOL!!!

Kong-Kay said...

at your age, nothing turns you on anymore!!!

suituapui said...

Don;t be to sure... Hahahahaha!


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