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Fish Soup Vermecelli

It seems the best business to go into at the downturn of the economy is the coffee shop enterprise; it's cash term business, and if you manage to rent out enough stalls, it already pays for itself as far as rental is concerned. Thus this fairly new coffee shop sprouts out at this unlikely spot towards the end of Rock Road, with its blazing hot chilli red of a signage; and pretty ambitious too, occupying 4 shop spaces. I guess with the glut of real estate, I think they must have a fire sale of sorts. What better way to go into business than with a big bang!

Fish Soup Noodle

To be sure, the owner does try to pack in as many variety of stalls as possible, but still I think it's still under populated with its offering of different food considering its size. The are the usual suspects of Kolo/Kampua Mee, Roti Canai, porridge, Laksa and what-have-nots; nothing out of the ordinary that would spur your imagination.

Bak Muay

The only stall that catches my eyes is the one selling Fish Beehoon (Vermicelli) Soup. Its origin is certainly not Teochew but some funky Chinese combination like Kwangtung from Foochow province - go figure! Anyway, state of origin aside, the pleasure of having such noodle is in the broth. This one bears a milky hue soup with a strong 'fishy' accent, plus a slight sour after taste made by the tomato and preserved chow-chai.

Kueh Chap

The other food that is shown here are just pedestrian
- nothing that would work up your saliva glands. However, the Tom-Yam noodle is worth a mention, being that it tastes like one from a packet of Maggi noodle, in terms of sourness and heatiness. Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Tom Yam Seafood Noodle

Ooops! Another 2 bite the dust! This was replaced by XYZ Cafe, which closed shop faster than I can say "Zee End"! That's what you get when you procastinate... outdated info.


The Wordsmith said...

Nice blog. XYZ has been renamed. I passed it today. It's something like Village or Kampung Cafe now.

Kong-Kay said...

need to get some pointers from a wordsmith when writer's cramp strikes... meeting some prof. higgins on governor's birthday for some refresher's course - whenever the gov. decides on the day of his birth.

The Wordsmith said...

And I need to get some pointers from a good photographer. Your photos are great.

Kong-Kay said...

spend a couple of minutes with your food, take from different angles, disregard any stares from around you. soon you'll which shots work, and which don't.

My Food Adventure said...

"Disregard any stares from around you?" Well.. that's hard I must say, those who complainted the most is always the one i've been out with!

Kong-Kay said...

obviously you've gone out with the wrong crowd.
and all our food has been blessed by the digital clicks!

My Food Adventure said...



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