Friday, September 18, 2009


It is a small wonder that a tiny stall specializing in Chinese/Japanese dessert still thrives in the land where Kampua Mee rules supreme. Even in Kuching, a few Tong Sui places selling local bubur cha-cha and the likes, or that selling Hong Kong varieties have bitten the dust.

Somehow, this funky Mr. Yong in a yellow corduroy manages to hit all the sweet spots with his clientèle. He does a few Japanese biscuit items, those puff balls thingy, and the glutinous rice balls: they call in either 'dry' or with sweet soup. We (Wil & me) sample both varieties.

One can opt for different fillings offered - ranging from crushed peanuts to raisins. The rice balls have a springy feel to them, and yet not sticky enough to loiter in your throat. Some of the fillings, I feel, are gimmicky, which at most one gives it a once run-over.

The soup that comes with it is not the normal Tong Sui (fragrant syrup water) type. This one has a peanutty feel to it, and the sesame sprinkle makes it all the more siok!

You don't have to wait for Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) to come around to enjoy the Dong Yuan.


suituapui said...

It's that good? Not really into such things but I may drop by and try one of these days. Did you try the laksa there? VERY nice...

Kong-Kay said...

aiyoo, only next door to your house... better bring your daughter along; if you don't like it, she can "pow-boi".

Wong said...

e-cafe is located nearby where?

Kong-Kay said...

Corner shop behind Delta Mall. I dunno whether he's still there; he talks of closing shop, but u can ask the sushi stall inside Delta Mall. I think they are from the same family.


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