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The ingredients used for Popiah (Spring Roll) is quite similar to the Jui-Hu Char, and so is its process.

Julienning with the knife of its main ingredients is the preferred way, rather than using a mandolin or a grater. Other recipes call for a lot of other macam-macam; the preference is entirely up to you. If you're the Kiasu type, crabmeat or even abalone is the way to go.

This post has been in digestion for over a year and half: first I had the making of the popiah skin already in the can; then my hard disk went kaput without a back-up; so I thought. Demonstrations are courtesy of my cousin AL and the popiah ladies at the back lane of Jalan Padungan.


Kg. Jicaima (Bangkuang)

4 Pcs. Tauknua

100 gm. French Beans

100 gm. Minced Shrimps

30 gm. Carrot (Julienned)

Popiah Wrappers

Sweet Sauce, Ground Fried Pnee Hu (Flat Fish), Peanuts, Chillies Paste, Omelette,



Fry the Tauknua (firm tofu) first... rid the water residue until it's quite dry, set aside.

Fry the minced pork, shrimps, carrots...

... French beans and lastly the Jicama

Over low fire, toss and turn the veg. ever so often so all the bases are covered. Initially the Jicama will give out its liquid...

... when the veg. dries up, pour chicken stock around, bit by bit, to let it sink into the veg. Repeat a few times until the veg. doesn't have the raw taste, yet is tender while maintaining the crunchiness. Finally adjust with salt to balance the taste before serving.

WRAPPING THE ROLL (Self-Explanatory)


Nate-n-Annie said...

Can you teach us how to make the popiah skins?

Kong-Kay said...

wait for the next instalment.

Jess said...

Thanks! I can't wait for the popiah skin instalment as it is difficult to find in OZ. Much appreciated..

Kong-Kay said...

so you'd better stay tuned!

Jess said...

oh yes I check your blog now and then to find out where to eat for next trip back. I am glad you eat out a fair bit so I get browse through the places you ventured.
I tried making popiah skin last year according to Amy Beh's recipe but the whole blob just got stuck unto the pan and it wasted my filling..:(

Kong-Kay said...

can just eat the filling as it is or with iceberg lettuce.

don't know how amy beh does it, and there's the skin with egg, like crepe; had those in indonesia.


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