Friday, October 09, 2009


This can very well be called: "Don't Start The Lunch Without Me!". I've been chauffeuring these NZlanders around town for a couple of days, and they offer to pay me; but I suggest they buy Indonesian lunch instead, which is a win-win situation - every gets to eat! But lunch date is never a good proposition to me due to the heavy traffic and the errands I have to run at those times.

By the time I arrive, they've already dug half way through lunch already as evident from the plate of fried chill oil salted fish. But still there are more than enough food for 6 persons.

Sambal Petai With Shrimps

Beef Rendang

Sambal Coated Fried Fish

Fried Jack-Fruit

Chilled Salted Fish

Assam Fish

This is an Indonesian Pre-cooked meal, where one gets to pick the food that's been laid out on chaffing dishes. There's no price tag on the items, so you'll get an arbitrary statement at the end of the meal. So be prepared with a fat wallet!

The place is owned by an Indonesian Teochew from across the border, Kalimantan. The food is relatively good, for someone like me who has the occasional Malay/Indonesian meal. That's when one gets to try the unusual cooked jack-fruit or the Ulam, local salad leaves with chilli sambal or the Chincalok (Fermented shrimp fry) or even the smelly-piss petai (pea).


Jess said...

I will definitely try it woo hoo!!

Kong-Kay said...

yup, paint the town red!

Borneoboy said...

I've been there many times. A bit pricey, but convenient and reasonable food.

Kong-Kay said...

you just wonder how those people who dine there regularly can manage it. must be orang kaya!


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