Monday, October 12, 2009


Sushi Tsuki

Nate enquires on Japanese restaurant in the city, and it reminds me of this place we went to on September 2008. This post is not supposed to reach the blogsphere... I was told not to take photos by the waitress as the last dish was delivered. I was defiant and continued as there was no indication that I couldn't do it. The mama-san was called from her other establishment. At the end of the evening, I wasn't the one who was apologetic, and she beckoned us to come again. Nice lady though, can't say of that particular staff. (Except for the first line, everything was written in 2008)

Kaba Yaki

Tempura Saba Teruyoki

Sanma Shioyaki

Tori Teriyaki Set



purplequeenfairy said...

I brought a friend from KK last week for lunch and we have the whole place to ourselves. Told her (falsely, of course) that I book the whole restaurant for our lunch!

Kong-Kay said...

that bad, eh?

Borneoboy said...

Hi Mike. I've been to Momoyama a couple of times. The food is reasonable. It's a pity that the Kuching market just can't sustain so many food outlets, so some are bound to suffer - even those with the best intentions. Sigh !

Kong-Kay said...

most people opt for the what-you-see-is-what-you-get conveyorbelt japanese food; it takes away all the guess work.

Nate-n-Annie said...

The food looks acceptible, but we're still dubious as to the quality of Japanese food here. Is Minoru as good as places in KL, or should we just wait till we get to KL?

Kong-Kay said...

just wait till you get to kl. you have more choices.

see tomorrow's post - it's a cosy colonial bungalow for a quite night out.

foodniku said...

you guys should go and check out the new momoyama. Its fantastic, it has change management and now includes a full range of western dishes as Well1


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