Monday, November 09, 2009


But you can get a whiff of it...

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Here's something you can't sink your teeth into, not unless you want to get all frothy in the mouth. These are goat's milk soap (well, most of them are) from one of the cottage industries along Serian road - somewhere near the 15th. Mile. There isn't any sign indicating its existence; it's sort of need-to-know basis - don't ask, don't tell.

Disappointment #1: We can't get near the animals: a precautionary measure with all the "flu" floating around. Those imported goats cost RM5000 each.

Disappointment #2: No goat's milk to drink.

Disappointment #3: No yoghurt as well!

All the above can be attributed to bad timing. But then again, we get to witness the making of the soap from the blending of ingredients, setting in its casement, to slicing to individual bars.

Besides goat's milk being its main ingredient, there are other enhancers that make varieties of soap they produce; they supposedly do wonders to the skin, scalp and one's well being according to the add-ons. These are no ordinary soaps having ingredients from Shea Butter to Kacama. Each bar of soap is about 3 times of that of ordinary piece of soap. They also have the soap-filled loofah (below), which you can use to scrub all over.

Do they do wonders? See the new beautiful me when I finish the RM100 supply!

** At one time I was at Kenny Sia's family store, and there were these pesky sales promoters pushing shampoos; and one of them approached me and asked in Malay the type of shampoo I used.

I replied in my best Malay (I can grapple with), and at top of my voice too: "Saya guna sabun... saya orang sakai!"

Those within earshot were rolling around the aisle, and the pandering stopped there and then.


Nate-n-Annie said...

The soap-filled loofah is a great idea. How does it work in practice?

I wonder if they could add durian or mangosteen essence to the soap.

Kong-Kay said...

you get soaped and scrubbed at the same time.

i don't think you want to go around smelling like a prickly fruit... people will avoid you with a ten ft. pole.

Nate-n-Annie said...

...which could be useful in some cases ;-)

kisshugkisshug said...
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kisshugkisshug said...

do they distribute em locally?
its gud to have varies in marketing of natural products since ppl r longing over these kinda products..

Kong-Kay said...

they started out supplying for other people. now they have their own brand. they are featured in the papers a few weeks ago after having participated in the "made in malaysia" expo at the waterfront.

babe_kl said...

love the soap in the loofah idea!

Kong-Kay said...

thanks for the spell-chk.

Doreen Seow said...

Hi, how can i get in touch with them if I want to place orders?


Kong-Kay said...

i don't have their numbers. try the Borneo Post; they have an article on them again yesterday.

Doreen Seow said...

Thanks. Will try look them up.

willchua said...

Soap + Loofah looks interesting.

"Saya orang sakai" remarks is so mean! LOL~

Kong-Kay said...

will it's a double edge sword; to get her off my back... i'm too stupid to use what's she selling... or she's too stupid to sell to a stupid. nothing demeaning towards the race that bears the name.


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