Monday, November 30, 2009


Cold Midin Salad

This is my first time to this restaurant since it relocates to this new place. It's behind the shoplots at the junction of Jalan Simpang Tiga and Jalan Mendu (before the Spring). Being hidden behind the main road and all is no hindrance to gaining more popularity than before, as evident from the Sunday night crowd. Also the restaurant occupies a bigger space than before, with one shop space used solely as a kitchen. Perhaps it has swallowed more than it can chew.

Hors d’oeuvre Platter

Pumpkin Soup

Suckling Pig

Fried Soon Hock With Thai Mango Sauce

Soft Shell Crabs With Salted Eggs

Tong Sui

As you can see the food, ordered a couple of days earlier, doesn't look too shabby.  But the surge of the dining crowd stretches the kitchen thin, and its service is wanting. Our first dish arrives at the table more than half an hour after everyone settles in. Change of clean plates has to be instructed. Tsk!

Being out of the hotel environment, there's no longer any restriction on pork being served here; that calls for a celebration with its suckling pig, or so we thought. Oink! That dish turns out to be the worst of the lot - unevenly roasted, and not crispy enough on the skin (Maybe that rainy night prevents them from having a smoke-out). The memorable ones are the midin (refreshingly sharp and crisp), the soup (rich and sweet), and the soft shell crabs (piquant crunch). And it's price? A-tahan, lah!

* Photos by Seth


Borneoboy said...

Hi Mike. I've dined there a couple of times. Food is not bad. Haven't tried the Roast Suckling Pig though.

Kong-Kay said...

overall, the food is good. that's why we have been back a couple of times.

the pig's skin was spotty - certain parts didn't deliver the crunchiness.

Anonymous said...

Food and service were so poor. All claypots of sauce.... looked like a pot of soup. You got to go in to fish for the prawns and the meat. Most disappointing! No standard at all! For the price I paid, I expected Lok Tian standard at least. Hoi Tin Lau, you saw the last of me!


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