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It's inescapable not to order the duck when dining here... okay, okay, only once when we were here for afternoon tea, there were not duck in sight on our table. Having said that, that's the glorious duck we have on our table that night - mighty fine looking one if I may say so! Its taste is commensurable to its good look. However, that's not always the case here, even for a shop that bears the imperial title.

The Imperial Duck

So beside duck, we dig deeper into its menu to have a lick into its other specialities. And what kids can resist a sweet and sour spareribs, and on French fries too! Pièce de résistance!

Zheng Jiang Pork Rib

Stewed Pork Tongue With Spiced Soya Sauce

The pig's tongue is too irresistible to pass up on. Beautifully sliced... sluuurpppp!!!
Next up we have the brain food, ginkgo with mushroom and xiao pai chai. One hack of a pile of slob with a so-so taste to match.

Fried mixed Mushroom With Ginkgo Nut

Two Types Barbecue Combination

The obligatory Cha-Sui/Sui-Youk (BBQ Pork & Roast Belly) to round out the meal. Finally, a place that serves Lai-Tong (soup of the house, but it's not free though. But it does provide a tingle of familiarity.

Soup Of The Day: Kelp with Carrot Soup


suituapui said...

Your birthday too? Many happy returns...and wishing you nothing but the very best in the year ahead. Oooo...the food looks good!!! Lucky u! I will just be having mee sua...and a simple dinner at home. SIGH!!!

Kong-Kay said...

don't know where my meal will be tonight? no mee sua yet!
sean will be back in the afternoon (klcc now), will get a clearer picture then.

Nate-n-Annie said...

Looks pretty good. The kids would like that pork on fries dish...mainly the fries.

Was the tongue tough?

Kong-Kay said...

yes, my kids fancy the pork too.
one of the best tongue i've tasted.

Borneoboy said...

Happy birthday Mike !

Kong-Kay said...


babe_kl said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Kong-Kay said...

TQ 2!

albusperi said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you! May all things beautiful be yours always. :)

Kong-Kay said...



As the name implies, it's all about nothing! Kongkaying is like grasping in the air - more like hot air with occasional fartulence. Hopefully, something aromatic will come out of it! If not...

May the Farce be With You!


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