Monday, December 14, 2009


You know you don't belong when you're the only one at the table who brings a camera to the Sarawak Photo-Art Society's 22nd anniversary dinner. Everyone, else except for a chosen few, (and I'm not one of them) leaves their egos Nikons & Canons at the door. I'm not a member nor an invited guest; I pay for my way in, and the RM38 brings a lot of joy...

Four Hot & Cold Deluxe

Shark's Fin Soup With Seafood

Eight Treasure Steamed Rice

Deep Fried Szechuan Duck: Slicing The Crispy Skin

Deep Fried Szechuan Duck: The End Result

The duck is one of the specialities of the house; I think they moved a couple of dozens that night.. It's done in 2 dishes: the sliced skin with the pancakes and cucumber/green onion/HoiSin sauce condiments, and the crispy deep-fried duck meat (below).

The skin and all is next to fabulous. However, the meat is a bit bland. Otherwise, it would have been a perfect snack food that goes with the beer.

Deep-Fried Butter Prawn With Crispy Sauce

Braised Mixed Vegetable With Chicken Oil

Yam Pumpkin

Seasonal Fruits


Nate-n-Annie said...

Looks pretty tasty. Weird thing about the duck meat being bland. You'd think they would taste the food before serving it.

What is that yellow coating on the braised mixed veg with chicken oil?

Kong-Kay said...

i think the marinade was only skin deep; didn't work into the meat. furthermore, i had the skin with the pancake and hoi sin sauce, thus didn't taste the duck on its own.

the meat is dusted with flour before frying, and garnished with chilli and green onion. and there was no dip to go with it. this dish was served a few dishes after the duck skin came out. and all condiments for the duck had long been cleared from the table.

Borneoboy said...

Hey Mike. Looks like pretty good value for 38 bucks !

Kong-Kay said...

... and there are lucky draws as well with prizes like printer, memory cards for cameras and flash drives!


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