Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Here's a gorgeous looking bowl of dessert that will brighten anyone's day. It's a cornucopia of sorts with a variety of fresh fruits. The coconut-shaped bowl that is holding everything together is made of shaved milk-ice drizzled with flavoured syrup - a kang tong! It's a dainty creation for a Sui-Kou Ping (fruity ice). If you have a passion for ABC (Air Batu Campur), you'll have no trouble wolfing down this.

Do you ever get your drinks served way after you have finished your meal in a coffee shop? I'm sure you have many of such encounters. Well, this food court won't let you down on that count, as it has the most efficient drink-making counter I have seen in Sarawak. Coffee shop owners should send their staff here for an eye-opener.

The laksa below uses kampua noodle instead of vermicelli or yellow Hokkien noodle. It offers huge quantity of noodle, which absorbs most of the laksa gravy by the time you're half way through it, that much I can say.

Incidentally this Farley operates a supermarket in the front block, which whips the asses off Kenny Sia's family store and send them packing out of town. A country bumpkin from Bintulu can show the city-slickers a thing or two.

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