Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This coffee shop has two nice noodle stalls going for it . This is a vast improvement over days of yore, when the noodle stall was strictly kampua. How times have changed people's acceptance of deviant from the norm. But then, there's always the security blanket of the kampua to fall back on for those less adventurous.

The stall on the right sells beef noodle. The soup is quite pleasant, without the heavily scented herbal aroma.For the price one pays for the bowl of noodle, one can't expect much from the quality of the beef; so that's a bit of a letdown. The flat noodle tastes like kampua with soy sauce, unlike the ones in Kuching, where beef broth is added to the mix to give it a beefy feel. The koay teow soup is even worst; spoilt by the slimy noodle sold in town - a product of watered down rice content with a sago starch sub. (the noodle curls to a ball-form when over-fried).

The stall on the left sells roast meat (BBQ pork and duck) that go with either noodle or rice. The thick round noodle used for the duck noodle (home-made I presumed) has a bouncy feel to it; however, the soup doesn't match up to the quality of the duck. And this is one of the few places in town that serves real Char-Sui or roast duck with noodle. My bad for forgetting to snap any photos on the second visit due to the long wait for the noodle to arrive; hunger takes the front seat.

However, I've got photos of the huge dumplings in soup. I don't know what its called (Sui Zhao, maybe), because the next time I order dry wonton, they are of smaller sizes; much like the normal ones we see throughout town, but sightlier plumper. Due to its large size, somehow its texture feel different at each bite. If you're looking for something different in town, this place's worth checking out.

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