Monday, February 22, 2010


And now, the continuing story of my K.L. odyssey... it's way past 1 p.m. when I get a call for lunch, and I'm down at my friend's office in a jiffy. He suggests a noodle shop that is 2 blocks away. However, there is a lunch queue at its entrance, so we venture further down the street to a coffee shop that has a couple of stalls selling roast meat rice, lok-lok and noodle
. It's not packed, but a few tables of customers are still waiting for their food, which makes it look like a busy, busy place. However, that's not the case. We both opted for the noodle, which seems to be what most people waiting for their food are having as well. What's so special of its noodle, you might ask?

Nothing, nothing much! And the long wait for the food is not due to its roaring business; it's got more to do with the fact that the guy cooking the noodle is doing a slow mo' over the stove - one coil of noodle at a time (Talk 'bout Chop! Chop! pace of the city!).

When our noodle is finally delivered to our table, I begin snapping away in the usual fashion. Then the towkay-soh asks my friend in Cantonese on my doodah and had better stop whatever I'm doing, and my friend tries explaining 'foodie' and 'blog'. And her reply? There have been people trying to copy their noodle!

WTF??? What do you see up there? Lau Soo Fang with minced pork, pork slices, intestine, liver and greens. My memory isn't that bad of needing a camera to remember what goes into the noodle. Besides, the soup is way too sweet with tons of rock sugar in it. Sheeech! Some people are getting ahead of themselves and got winds in their heads!


Nate @ House of Annie said...

But was the noodle itself worth the wait?

Kong-Kay said...


nom nom said...

i think the coffee shop is called pomander, next to kwai sun. and the tau kay nio there is like super proud and they are all really full of themselves because people used to wait hours to eat the stupid pork mee. have a lot of bad experience there.

Kong-Kay said...

guess it's not nom enough to worth the wait.

babe_kl said...

i wonder how to replicate the recipe by just staring at the pics :p hehehe

Kong-Kay said...

it won't be easy though... how to make the soup leh?!!!

Annie said...

The soup is super easy. They usually use pig's bone and msg and some sugar in making the soup. Besides, the liver itself will add some speacial taste to the soup

Kong-Kay said...

you're really something... so can open a rival shop next door, liaw?!!!


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