Friday, March 12, 2010


From the look of the picture up there, you know it's so yesterday! What can I say? It's the middle of March already, and here I'm, still reminiscing over January... tempus fugit!

Truth be told, I haven't been to this mall before; the last time I was in the vicinity, there was still an enclosure surrounding the plot of land across Bintang Walk. Yeah, I know, it's been that long! So what you're about to read is probably stale and Chow-S'ng already!

Durian Puff

If you're hungry like a wolf, you'll be able to wolf down a couple of the cream puffs from Duran Duran Durian Durian first thing in the morning, with or without coffee! It has the most alluring taste with none of the pungency associated with the king of fruits; it tastes better than durian ice cream on a bun. Had it not been the fact that we're on a tasting expedition, we'd have gulped a couple more! As evident from the taufu-hwa (beancurd jelly, above), the fried turnip cake, the beef noodle and oyster omelette, one needs a stomach the size of a hefty Glad bag to store all of these, most of which are quite good with the exception of the beef noodle; too bubbling hot, and by the time you get to the noodle, it too soggy.


Taiwanese Hot Beef Steamboat

O-Chien (Oyster Omelette)


babe_kl said...

*whisper soft soft* i hvnt been to durian durian yet :p LOL make me feel like running there now

Kong-Kay said...

i thought by now you'd have conquered every inches of your daily domain.

Anonymous said...

Pls add back the search box from Blogger ...

Daniel Y, Sarikei

Food For Tots said...

I like to go to Pavillion. Some of the food are quite nice but a bit pricey. Just had our reunion dinner at Grand Palace Restaurant.

Kong-Kay said...

after the sin$ conversion, it's still cheap. speaking of which, i've canceled my trip to your side.


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