Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We've driven past this Korean ice cream place almost once a week, but have never gone near it. Talk about this Jalan Song's food spots, it's been ages since I last ate the vicinity. It's no longer favor of the month, due to lack of parking spaces and what not! Premier 101 has somehow superseded it as the night eateries spot of choice.

On this occasion, I've had my first dine-out with Bongkersz since his arrival in Kuching. We've a long and arduous wait at Lee's Cafe, Stutong, for the claypot rice to arrive. Then he has to dash to the airport to pick up his senorita. So on the way home, we pass by this purple sign that beckons us; it's too tempting to resist, like a bug hypnotically flying towards a U.V.-lit buzz-trap.

The Basic Bbeongtuigi Sandwich

I have no inkling as to what to expect from this place except that it sells ice cream. But t's more than the normal creamy stuff on a cone that differentiates it from others. It's ice cream sandwich on rice-like waffle. Apart from the plain vanilla, there's a yogurt ice cream and an Asian-centric red beans-filled ice cream. Despite having a paper wrapper around it, eating it can be a messy affair for clot like moi. Fortunately, there are ample tissue papers at the disposal and the wash basin is within the salon. On a non-rainy night, chilling out on its pavement seatings is a cheap way to lepak!

Yogurt Ice Cream Bbeongtuigi Plate

Red Bean Vanilla Ice Cream Bbeong


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Hey! We ate there the other evening as well! And I had that exact ice cream sandwich. It was good, but you gotta eat it fast.

Annie says Sunny Hill's ice cream is still better, though.

Kong-Kay said...

i've got your beef jerky. whenever you are ready, come on over!


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