Friday, April 16, 2010


This non-alcoholic watering hole is within the same stretch as the shrimp noodle coffee shop. I say non-alcoholic, but I could be mistaken, 'cos the 2 old chaps at the next table have a plastic bag of cans of beer beside their jug of hot tea. I don't think they have a B.Y.O. policy, so I'm guessing they are probably the "Boss" of the boss. This place serves some kind of food as well, but we aren't having any.

Anyway, we are here on our second stop of the evening after having dinner elsewhere. We are joined by Alex and Mary, the couple who have just returned the previous night with lots of honey from the moon...

Chlorophyll Lemon and Cham

... so much so that Mary seems to be attracting mosquitoes; tell them 'bout the honey, Mary! Those lovey-dovey couple order 2 of a kind - the lemon juice; one hot and the other cold... must be something about opposite polarity.

I've something more exotic - a chlorophyll concoction with a twist of lemon... that's about as exotic as I can get for the evening. You know with all the food and that, I need a royal flush the morning after! And Wil tries to top me off with his order of
Cham; a mix of tea and coffee. That's as exciting as our evening gets... and we are going to hit a hat-trick before calling it a night at some Ali Baba place farther down the road; however, it's day-off puts the spanner in the works!

This is ain't that bad; compared with Uncle Dom, it's more subdued and more spacious - subtle ambiance minus the kitsch, and for once one can actually hear one talk.

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