Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Annie's classmate from Germany drops by for the weekend. I have the task of being the tour guide in the morning... more of a bird's nest guide to be exact, with 4 shops checked out.

Annie & Nate have made prior arrangement to have dinner at this place. This is their first visit. By the time we arrive, Nate is already busy snapping away at the live sea creatures in the aquariums. And most of the food have been ordered. Photo left is a composite of a table having too many food bloggers at one go!

We are the early birds and there are still a lot of parking spaces right up its front door. And there are only 3 to 4 reservations for the night. The first thought that comes to mind: It must be a slow night! But we are proved wrong...

K-C Mee

... the crowd starts trickling in and soon most of the tables are taken. We start off with the Shredded Chicken Noodle, which is meant to stuffed the children up first, as they are not likely to take in anything else. And the food comes in quick succession until we ask them to slow down after the fourth dish arrives. At the rate it's going we'll soon run out of space at the table. I guess being one of the earlier arrivals, they better quickly dispose off our orders before the crowd starts plying in. And soon after everything slows to a trickle, and becomes an 2 hour odyssey.

Annie's Choice: Kerabu and Belacan Midin

Most visitors can't seem to get enough of the local fern (midin). Having tried it with Chinese red wine the previous night, we have a plate of cold salad, and another fried with sambal belacan.

Mixed Veg. In A Yam Basket

The fried Kung-Bao mixed vegetable with yam basket tastes okay as far as fried veg. goes. But the yam basket is not crispy and crunch type as in a Wu-Kok (yam puff).

Butter Shrimps

They've got the butter shrimps right down to its flaky buttery crust, though a tad sweet. However, the shrimps do not seem to have the benefit of any seasoning; so when you finally bite into the flesh, it's bland. The butter coating, no matter how flavorful, doesn't compensate for the lack of taste in the shrimps.

Steamed Grouper

The last two dishes take a long time to arrive; but when they do, all similar dishes are delivered to other tables as well. The last one is the finger-licking-good-to-the-last-drop sensational. Lucky for the guest, who only takes sweet and sour crab, the mildly-hot tamarind curry sauce suits her taste. I've written more times on this place, so for a second opinion, head on down to here.

Satay Sauce Crabs with Mantau

(Tis the evening STP sms'ed me 'bout some glutton nite, which I received the morning after)


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Mike, thanks for ordering the satay crabs. They were the highlight dish of the evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Many thanks again to you and Lyn for being such great host and for taking your time to drive us around Kuching. I really enjoyed the trip to Kuching although it was much too short. Do keep in touch and let us know if you are coming to Europe :)

Warmest regards,

Kong-Kay said...

bring the hubby next time!


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