Monday, May 10, 2010


This is something down memory lane of sort in varies ways: First, there are dishes from the old menu from its days of yore, and then someone from K.K. sees an old flame that sets the heart aflutter, but that's another story.

I have a table reserved 3 weeks ahead, knowing the chances of walk-ins getting any table on weekends are practically nil. So when we want to add another table a week prior to the event, the most they can afford is a small table for 4. That's popularity despite of what they say about the economy.

Szechuan Duck

To start off, we have the Bamboo Meatball soup; it's so-called Bamboo because in the old day, it was served in a bamboo receptacle. I guess, they forget to preserve the heritage when they moved to this new place.

The duck has to be pre-ordered; I guess, it's to do with the preparation involved. It tastes a bit like smoked duck with a hint of the Szechuan peppercorn and other spices. It's a blessed relief from the usual Bejing or "Loh" duck.

Baked Shrimps With Cheese

Well, the shrimp dish doesn't impress the K.K. guy; he's seen better ones.

2 Flavors Fish

... but the fish does. It's braised with black bean sauce in the vermicelli basket at one end of the plate, and stacked high with batter-coated deep-fried fish at the other. Not just ordinary batter fried, but stuffed with banana. So it's a banana fish fritter; a sweet and savory combination.

Steamed Chinese Cabbage With Dried Scallops

Finally a light steamed vegetable to wash down the meat and stuff, and followed by a complimentary fruit plate. I mentioned 'memory lane' because in the old restaurant, under the 1st. management (my dad's teacher), we used to pick up items off the beaten tracks - like Jiaozi, Har-kow, 3 dishes Bejing Duck (skin with Mantau, meat fried with beansprouts, soup from the bones).

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