Friday, July 16, 2010


Even before we left for the trip, my brother was telling us to "must-try" beef noodle opposite the Shangri-La Hotel. Again avoiding the "provided meal" of the tour, we as the tour guide to take us to this place; as usual, she's clueless of the place - maybe it's because she doesn't take beef. As we park in front of the shops opposite the hotel, there seems to be only two coffee shops in that block. But there's nothing to indicate the "best beef noodle" as we are told. So I walk around the block and into the nearest side street, and still come out empty. So this is the only beef noodle shop, it has to be it. Contrary to expectation, the place is not all that packed even when it's near lunch time.

As can be seen above, this place serves all parts of the beef imaginable; very much like the pork noodle Chainē - much more parts than those you get at Kuching's Ah Mui's. Looks may be one thing, but taste is what it's all about. One thing for sure, the liver is soft - just like a mere blanch over the hot soup. And everything is as the sign says: "THE ONLY SHOP IN CHIANGMAI THAT SERVES TOP QUALITY BEEF".

And the proof is in the soup... it has the richness of a very endowed spiced-stock. But the accolade ends there; it's the sweetest soup I've ever tasted - sweet as in "sugary sweet". I understand the Thais have a panache for everything sugar (like sugar, chilli flakes and peanuts as condiments), but this one goes overboard! And we have come across better beef noodle on this trip, so this is not gonna to the best in my book.

There's this dessert peddler selling his stuff as we're finishing our noodle. Coconut agar-agar.

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