Thursday, September 30, 2010


Six months after registering, Julian and Tammy give a bash on the 11th. Sept. 2010. The dinner format in terms of food (mandatory dishes) is pretty much the same as the previous night's banquet. But this time, all the dishes are individually served to each guest. What you see below are the dishes before they are served, and still on the serving trolley.

The Cold Cut Platter

It's a pretty heavy dish for a starter -Chinese Antipasto. Some of the cuts you don't get in the restaurants where I come from.

The Soup That Bears The Restaurant's Name

The soup doesn't bring shame to restaurant's name as can be seen by the serving. Full of ample goodness! (How am I doing, STP, without mentioning the name that shalt not be named? If they can put up the "big" name up in the marquee in an Ang-Moh town, it can't be politically incorrect, can it?)

Braised Lobster

Braised Mushrooms With Baby Bok Choi

Like the previous night, it fills the quota of cold dish, soup, vegetables, fish, crustacean, chicken, rice, noodle and dessert. Then there's one surprise.....

Deep Fried Chicken

Steamed Fish

Simple Fried Noodle With Mushroom

Hokkien Fried Rice

... I've seen this fried rice done on the food channel, and they called it Foochow fried rice then. Well, Foochow is in the province of Fújiàn (Hokkien), so this can't be wrong either. A simple egg fried rice topped seafood goodness. Yums!

Mochi With Almond Cookies

Black Glutinous Rice Sweets


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Pretty heavy meal. But all looks delicious.

With a name like that on the front of the house, I'd sure be disappointed if the back of the house didn't serve that soup.

Kong-Kay said...

it ain't heavy, i still manage to sneak it another bowl of the rice. it's customary to have this many dishes.


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