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The Doc has a thing about all things Korean and Japanese - from getting hair cut at Korean salon, listening to Japanese/Korean Pop, reading Manga, and movies; yet he doesn't understand a word of the language apart from name of dishes from the menu. Thus he leads us to this red-bricked of a warehouse, which is now home to a Sino-Korean restaurant. It has long rows of school cafeteria seating with sparse decor. If you're looking for an unromantic venue with your date, this is it!


But this place can take your relationship farther with its fill-up- your-tummy grub, which is easy on the pocket; like the mixed rice of assorted vegetables and beef with egg (above), all stirred into one convulsed bowl of giddy yum, to be taken with the accompanying pickles.

Pickles Side Dishes

There's no doubt the Doc wants to introduce us to the Jajangmyeon, a Korean version of the Chinese Zha jiang mian. It's wheat noodle covered in thick black bean sauce with minced meat, served with julienned cucumber. Its variant, the Ganjajangmyeon, is noodle and the non-starchy sauce are served separately. In a way, this tastes like the Foochow Kampua Mee.

On a cold evening, nothing warms you up as a cauldron of the mutton stew. It's a rustic spicy number that will keep the snuffler at bay...

Mutton Jjigae Chongol


...or the opposite, a light broth ginseng chicken soup with barley. One thing for sure, its service is as cold as the brick on a winter's day; those are not waiters - they don't wait on you - they are shufflers; they move things around only, but not necessarily the way you want it to be.


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Two of my favorite dishes - bibimbap and jajangmyun - they look delicious.

Sorry the service was so poor. The place reminds me of a college canteen.

Kong-Kay said...

maybe a college canteen it is. most of the clients are students, who just come in to eat and go - can't care less about its service, or maybe it's a self-serve with the tea and utensils etc.


As the name implies, it's all about nothing! Kongkaying is like grasping in the air - more like hot air with occasional fartulence. Hopefully, something aromatic will come out of it! If not...

May the Farce be With You!


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